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  • Product Name: MD MHB-280 IP Waterproof Beam Moving Head
  • Product number: MD MHB-280 IP
  • Added time: 2016-04-15
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Excellent Performance

Input Voltage: AC100V~240V

Light Source: OSRAM SIRIUS HRI230

Light Output: 10200lm

Power: 230W

       PFC≥0.99  THD<20%

Lens: 2.5°

Gobo Wheel: 17 gobos+open

Color Wheel: 14 colors+white,the color temperature can be adjusted by two CTO(3200k,2500k)and one imported CTB.

Control Mode: DMX512,Remote Control

Strobe: Mechanical strobe,the speed of stroble is variable(0.3-13f/s)

Dimmer: Mechanical dimmmer system,0-100%

IP Rating: IP54

Product Description

1.The lamp and reflector is packaged as a whole,making the luminous efficacy higher,and the lifespan of light source can be up to 3000h.

2.Three phase motor,which has higher drive-speed/more smoothly/lower noise compared with two phase motor.

3.LCD display,the menu is easy and friendly to operate.

4.Power plug can be connected hand by hand,convenient to install in event/porject.

5.Compact housing structrue,the size is smaller comparing the other supplier's at the same power.

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